I just wanted to let you know the help and instruction you provided  over the summer for Katey, our high school freshman, has helped so much! Katey doesn’t feel lost or confused in Geometry like so many of the other kids feel, and in Honors English she has made some wonderful contributions to the class/groups with her observations on The Illustrated Man! We are happy that we found a wonderful person to help Katey with some of her more challenging classes, and I hope other parents and their kids can benefit from the same! -Tina, San Diego, CA


My daughter was six when I decided to investigate getting a tutor. I had just left a 1:1 with her first grade teacher and read between the lines that she needed extra help reading. She was in the lowest reading group, didn’t like to read, and, despised being pulled out of the class each day for special intervention. It was not a healthy set of circumstances.I called Eve Lanham on a recommendation of a friend and could not be more thrilled with the results. In about 5 months of tutoring (once a week), my daughter rose from behind the curve to grade-level reading. Even more important than these tangible results is that we now have a more confident and thirsty reader.Eve’s personality was a great fit. She is very focused on the positive, celebrates the small and the big milestones and can see the whole child.Eve’s technique is customized and effective. She set up a tracking mechanism with rewards along the way that mattered to my daughter. I didn’t believe this level of tracking would work – and I was so wrong. This set up a pattern of reading, making it more consistent and more of a habit.Eve has a command of the progression of reading and how to incorporate comprehension and writing exercises to support the reading.Eve followed through on all she said she would. She was a great communicator to me – giving me tools to support my daughter’s work. She also thrived communicating progress to her teacher so that we had a team approach to the problem. -Maria, Denver CO


Our first grader saw Mrs. Lanham once a week for almost 8 months.  The progress that he made in that time was nothing short of astounding.  He developed the confidence that he had been missing and now reads at grade level and is ready to take on second grade.  We are so sad to lose her as I just know with her continued help he would surpass his grade level in no time. Eve Lanham is professional, organized, and very knowledgable of all different reading tools out there.   Most of all, she is kind, soft and very approachable.  -Becky, Denver CO


After learning that my son, a second grader, was in need of an intervention in reading and the situation was critical, we turned to Eve for the extra help he needed. My son saw Eve once a week for an hour. Over time he not only made huge strides in fluency, comprehension and his reading level score (DRA), but he also looked forward to the one-on-one with Ms. Eve. She provided a warm, cozy environment without any distraction which enabled my wiggly and high-energy boy to focus and work hard. Eve worked closely with my son’s teacher to make sure the learning plan adhered to the curriculum and what was expected from him. This included retell, predictions, guessing what certain words meant based on the evidence at hand and strategies for taking the quizzes (!) which was (and still is) amazingly helpful. When motivation for reading at home was a struggle, Eve implemented a rewards system which gave my son the incentive he needed, and gave us the structure to see it through. Eve provided thorough assessments of my son’s progress to us on a regular basis, and by the end of the school year my son was all caught up! This was an amazing accomplishment and we could not have achieved this on our own. Thanks to Eve, my son is now in one of the above-average reading groups at school and now ASKS me to read at night. Eve Lanham is a impassioned professional and a lovely person and I’m so glad my son had the privilege to be one of Ms. Lanham’s Learners! -Tori, Denver CO


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